Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information: Branch lobbies are open Mon-Fri:10am-5pm.

New Website Coming Soon!


We are excited to announce a new ISU Credit Union website is getting ready to launch. In the upcoming weeks, you will notice a fresh, easier to use isucu.org.

The new website includes a mobile-first design with enhanced compatibility for a variety of devices, making it more responsive than our previous design. It will have easy navigation and convenient new features.

Check out some of the other enhanced features below. We're excited and we know you will be as well. Site will be live in early October 2020!

Key Features

Here are a few key features:
  • Modern, clean, simplified top navigation
  • Interactive mortgage guide (A tool to help you get to the right mortgage loan option)
  • Enhanced ADA compliance
  • Faster loading
  • Mobile-first design 
  • Online banking login on every page 
  • Improved site search
  • Sticky header- aides in navigation as you scroll on each page
  • Global footer that can get you to any page on the site in one click
  • New Calculators & more
New Online Login Area (Available on every page)

OLB Login

Simplified Top Navigtion Menu

Nav Menu

Global Footer (Access to any page is one click away)