Closed in Observance of Memorial Day
ISU Credit Union will be closed Monday, May 29, 2017. Online Banking, Smart Phone Apps, Mobile Banking, PAT and ATM access will be available.

Security Center:  Learn about EMV and get the info you need to stay protected.

14th Annual John McCarthy Golf Tourney

Support our local educators by attending or donating!

JM Golf

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Call for Supervisory Committee Volunteers

We are looking for a few volunteers to join our Supervisory Team!

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Teal Tribune - Spring Newsletter

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MoneyDesktop now Mobile!

Access your budgeting software via your mobile app!

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Platinum MasterCard ®

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7.75% APR*

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Auto Loan Rates

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2.89% APR*

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Rewards Plus Checking

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2.50% APY*

Rewards Rate with Fraud Protection
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