Supervisory Committee Volunteers

Calling for Supervisory Committee Volunteers
ISU Federal Credit Union is currently accepting application for seats on our Supervisory Committee. If you are interesting in applying please fill out the following application.

Job Description
ISU Federal Credit Union's Supervisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Credit Union's Board of Directors and management establish practices and procedures to properly safeguard members' assets. In addition, the Committee is responsible for the annual financial statement audit from a licensed, independent auditor.

In accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act, the Supervisory Committee is comprised of volunteer members and functions completely independently of Credit Union management. As an independent body, the Supervisory Committee also investigates members' complaints not resolved to their satisfaction by management.

Why Volunteer


While different things motivate different people, some of the following reasons are often cited as the benefits of being a volunteer:

  1. Meaningful opportunity to contribute—to help others.
  2. Community recognition.
  3. Affiliation with others.
  4. Opportunity to contribute to members’ financial welfare.
  5. Increase planning, policy and management experience.
  6. Recognition by peers and employers.
  7. Staff-volunteer social events.
  8. Conferences and travel.
  9. Learning experience.


To provide our OWNERS (members) sound financial services including consumer education, information and counseling, while offering both dividend rates and loan rates that are generally more favorable than those normally found at other consumer lending institutions.  As the Credit Union grows and more efficient services are added friendliness, courtesy and convenience will continue to be our top priority.  The volunteers, staff and members of Idaho State University Federal Credit Union strongly support our founding motto: “NOT FOR PROFIT, NOT FOR CHARITY, BUT FOR SERVICE.”


Applications for a position on the ISU Credit Union Supervisory Committee must be submitted by April 17, 2017.

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  • Please return completed application to: Idaho State University Credit Union, ATTN: Supervisory Committee 353 N. 4th Ste 210, Pocatello, ID 83201