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  • Budget

    Budgeting – Where to Even Start? Answer is Here.

    2019-09-13 | Smart Spending Tips

    Setting up a perfect budget system can feel as daunting as starting a new diet or exercise routine – there are so many different options (that people swear by) and no guarantee it will even work in the long run. So where to even get started?

  • TTVI

    8 Advantages of Joining a Credit Union

    2019-09-03 | Smart Spending Tips

    Where you decide to put your money may seem obvious now, but you should remember that you do have options. Instead of assuming the bank right down the street is the best fit since it may be right on your way to work, although convenient, there could be a better solution for your needs.

  • RV

    Navigating the Roads of RV Shopping

    2019-05-10 | Smart Spending Tips

    “Oh, the places you’ll go.” This Dr. Seuss quote is often put up in nurseries and used with babies. It’s so relevant because there’s this notion that you’ll never grow out of it.

  • PF

    Exercising Your Mind to Hit Your Personal Finance Goals

    2019-01-18 | Smart Spending Tips

    You’ve probably heard how exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your muscles – to keep it healthy and sharp. It requires consistency, dedication and work.

  • Environment

    Saving the Environment One Appliance at a Time

    2018-11-29 | Smart Spending Tips

    The former United States Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, shared some wisdom: “As the saying goes, the Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we transitioned to better solutions.

  • CS

    On the Road to Financial Success – How to Improve Your Credit Score

    2018-10-31 | Smart Spending Tips

    We all hear how important a credit score is, but it can also be a very mysterious number to some people. It shouldn’t be, considering this three-digit number can significantly impact important life decisions, such as your ability to get a loan, qualify for insurance rates or even rent an apartment.

  • Credit Cards

    Using Credit Cards Wisely Has its Advantages

    2018-10-10 | Smart Spending Tips

    We love reading those personal finance blogs and success stories about how this person got out of $80K debt or someone else paid off all of their credit cards in less than a year.

  • Budeting

    Only 1/3 of Americans Maintain a Budget. Here’s Why They Do

    2018-08-17 | Smart Spending Tips

    You know that “B word” that can be so scary that people often shy away from it? That’s right – budgeting. There are endless amounts of resources, blogs, articles, professionals, you name it, to help you do it, but in fact only 1/3 of Americans actually maintain a household budget.

  • Car Safety

    Key Safety Considerations When Buying a Car

    2018-03-01 | Smart Spending Tips

    When shopping for a new or used car, there are a variety of factors that can play a role in your decision.

  • Car

    5 Starter Questions if You’re Considering Buying a Car

    2018-02-07 | Smart Spending Tips

    You’ve finally decided that the time has come to start looking for a new car. Whether you’re upgrading from your old beater, going for a flashy new luxury car or investing in something for the long haul, there are some initial considerations you should make sure you ask yourself before you show up at the car dealership or wherever you plan to purchase.

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