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  • Boomers

    Boom or Bust: Learn the importance of retirement planning from the Baby Boomer Generation

    2019-06-10 | Savings and Retirement

    When we think about our future, we often start by looking to the past... a concept which is not new, especially in the economic and financial world.

  • Savings

    6 Creative Ways to Start Saving Money

    2019-05-28 | Savings and Retirement

    Although you may have your mind set on graduation parties, summer BBQs or upcoming vacations, it’s important to keep tabs on any savings goals you set out to achieve.

  • FL

    Have you heard?... It’s Financial Literacy Month!

    2019-04-10 | Savings and Retirement

    Spring has arrived! Which means warmer weather, baseball season is back and to kick it all off, we have April designated as Financial Literacy Month.

  • Tax Time

    What to Expect When Filing Your 2018 Taxes

    2019-03-19 | Savings and Retirement

    As tax season rolls around, so do some of our favorite tax jokes (since they can sometimes seem so fitting) (1):

    • Nothing makes a person more modest about their income than to fill out a tax form.
    • Golf is a lot like taxes. You drive hard to get to the green and then wind up in the hole.
    • Children may be deductible, but they are still taxing.
  • Build Wealth

    Steps to Building Wealth and a Diversified Portfolio

    2019-02-13 | Savings and Retirement

    Just because you didn’t get an A in finance class doesn’t mean your financial future is doomed. After all, you’ve probably heard some of those old wives’ tales over the years – “save 10% of what you make, no matter what” or “keep all your spare change in a piggy bank for the future.”

  • Financial Health

    The Money Diet: 5 Steps for Achieving Financial Health

    2019-01-29 | Savings and Retirement

    With so many different diets and opinions out there around the healthiest foods, it can get tricky to choose the right diet for yourself. After many trial-and-error approaches, it’s no wonder why someone may give up and give in (hello cheat days/weeks/months!).

  • IRA

    Make This the Year to Strategize Your Retirement Plan

    2019-01-11 | Savings and Retirement

    Do you ever feel like you’re behind before you even get started? Or how about drowning in a sea of information that’s constantly evolving and changing?

  • Rain

    Why You Need to be Prepared for a Rainy Day

    2018-11-01 | Savings and Retirement

    “Save it for a rainy day.” In addition to a popular Kenny Chesney song, this idiom has become well known and often used to refer to something that should be set aside for when a need for it arises.

  • Holiday Savings

    Ways to Get a Head Start on the Holidays

    2018-08-23 | Savings and Retirement

    The holidays happen at the same time every year, but somehow they always seem to sneak up on us. By following some simple strategies, you can plan and prepare early so that you can minimize the stress and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

  • Cds

    CDs: The Set it and Forget it Investment Tool

    2018-07-12 | Savings and Retirement

    Who isn’t saving up for something big… either near or far out in the future?

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