• Home Buying

    The First Step of the Home-Buying Process

    2018-09-24 | Housing

    “Knowledge is power.” This is true in any industry and is especially true when you are making a large personal decision or purchase.

  • American Dream

    Affording the American Dream: Here’s How

    2018-08-09 | Housing

    Although buying a home is still part of the American Dream, it should also be pointed out that a record high of 30% of families have zero (or negative) non-home wealth in America.

  • Smart Home

    Why You Need to Smarten Up (Your Home)

    2018-07-30 | Housing

    Do you remember “The Clapper?” You know, the wireless sound-activated on/off switcher for lights. Seeing those in TV shows looked so high-tech and smart. Who came up with the brilliant idea that you don’t even need to get off the couch to turn off the lights? Brilliant!


    Homes & Loans: How Does It Impact Me?

    2018-03-12 | Housing

    So you finally have your dream home (or you are hoping to buy it soon!). Although it would be great if you could throw down a giant pile of cash to make that big purchase, in reality that probably isn’t very feasible. So what do you do?

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