Bill Payment

Kiss your paper checks good-bye with online bill payment!

It’s not only the easy way to pay bills, it’s now FREE to all ISU Credit Union members!

Tired of spending hours writing checks, buying stamps and paying your bills? Relax, take control of your finances, and enjoy the convenience and savings of online bill payment. Here are a few benefits:

  • Free — no charge to you
  • Safe — Your account and payment information is secure and we guarantee the privacy of your transactions
  • Fast — Pay your bills online with just a few clicks
  • Convenient — Pay your bills anytime you want, day or night
  • Flexible — Pay bills one at a time or set up automatic recurring payment

Sign up for PayLinks Bill Pay in Online Banking

To begin using our online bill payment system you must have a checking account.  Then, sign into Online Banking and click on the PayLinks Bill Pay button on the left side of the screen.  This will take you to the enrollment screen where you can fill in the information to enroll and begin using the bill pay service.  Just scroll to the bottom of the enrollment page and click on the "Enroll Me Now" button to begin.